The "Jimmy Rigged" shifter mod

I had to get creative to fix a stripped out shift shaft. But here is the method I used which worked for over a year (until I sold the bike)

The first thing I tried was a nail and JB weld...this lasted about an hour of riding. Then I tried a self tapping screw and JB weld which lasted about 1/2 a day of riding. We then were desperate and tried to spot weld it...well the heat from welding melted the seal and now we had a big leak. And the welded shifter had to be cut off to install a new seal LOL. Well that is the things we tried that didnt work. Here is what worked: You can do this 2 ways... 1) Goto Autozone and buy a u-joint for a small car (like a civic/accord or something, just get the smallest/cheapest one, they are like $6-8) Then remove the 4 caps on the u-joint and remove some of the needle bearings (these bearings are hard as hell and wont break when you jam it in with a hammer, unlike nails or needles) Now drill a hole a little smaller than the needle bearing and jam the bearing inbetween the shifter and the shaft. Here is a pic so you can understand what I am talking about

I drilled 2 holes one up top and one at the bottom, if you think about where the pressure goes when you upshift/downshift you will understand why 2 needle bearings would even the load alittle (put some red loctite in there for good luck)

The needle bearings lasted about 6 months of riding and then 1 fell out so we decided to try something else. Instead of using a needle bearings I went and bought a tap for the hole I drilled and tapped in some threads. I used a grade 8 bolt and some red loctite, and this worked awesome. No shifter freeplay or slack, and it held up great for 6 months until we replaced the shaft (due to selling the bike) Well hope this helps and Good Luck