A "cheap" damping rod holding tool

This tool also saved me $70. This is a simple concept and works extremely well. I bought 4 nuts (you only need 2, but they were cheap so what the heck) 1 bolt is a regular bolt and the other is a self locking bolt (the one with the rubber in the inside on the left). This tool is used for removing the little stainless piece on the end of the damping rod (you have to remove this to install the cylinder seal from Race Tech) First, I threaded the regular bolt on the end of the damping rod and then I threaded the self locking bolt on as far as it would go (now just snug the 2 bolts together). Then put a wrench on the regular bolt and a wrench on the piece at the bottom and it should come off (it may take some force to get it loose since it is loctited on) Heating the loctite with a propane torch allows the loctite to melt off thus making the bolt easier to come off!