A "cheap" cartridge holding tool

Now this is really a tool that will save you some money! A cartridge holding tool from Race Tech is $70 this tool cost me under $3 to make and it works great! I had to have this tool to take apart the cartridge (when installing the cylinder seal for the gold valve and removing the mid valve) Here is how I did it: Go buy a 3ft long section of scheduled 40 1" PVC pipe (8ft of pipe is like $2) and a "T" connector for a handle ($.39)! Then use a dremel or file to cut 4 grooves evenly spaced about 1/4" wide and 3/8" deep! It should fit snug yet should easily fit around the "+" shape holder! I also drilled a small hole in the end (near the handle through both sides) this allowed me to put a phillips screwdriver in the hole and gave me much more leverage to tighten/loosen the "+" shape cap! Here are some pics: