Installing Fastline front brake cable (CR routing)

By installing the fastline brake cable (CR routed) you need to make a bracket for the cable to clamp on! Luckily your bike already comes with a clamp you just have to relocate it to the fork guard! Like this:

To do this you first must take the bracket off (which is located at the very bottom of the left fork leg). Now find 2 bolts that fit through the holes in the bracket. Then drill matching holes in the fork guard and bolt it on. Now you should be ready to go!

I did one more thing as a precautionary measure...I replaced the stock cable guide (located on the brake caliper) with a piece of metal stripping, that was bent to fit. Then I Zip tied the cable to the guide and this keeps the front brake line from getting ripped by the forks when they compress.
Now you should have much better brakes with a positive lever feel...just be careful you dont endo over LOL!