Pics of Garrett Berg (motoman393)

Whippin' it over a step up at Highlands

Me clearing a 110ft tabletop at Highlands

Pinned in 3rd gear around a berm!

Gettin' huge air on Highlands SX track

Can you say ROOST!!!!

Me jumping a 80ft Tabletop at TX Motoplex

Me clearing a 110ft tabletop at Highlands

Overclearing the 110ft tabletop by about 20ft OUCH!!

What are you looking at?

Rippin' it up at Highlands SX track

Explaining how I wrecked

Again, Explaining how I wrecked

Clearing a 70 ft double at TX Motoplex

Racing with Tim at TX Motoplex on his KX125

Me and Zach trying to talk while riding

Me jumping a 100ft step-up at Mills Road MX

Jumping a double at Mills Road MX

Whiipin' it on a step-up

Me standing next to my 01' YZ426F