About Me
My name is Garrett Berg, and I live in Friendswood, TX (near Houston). I am 17 yrs. old and have been riding dirtbikes for 7 yrs. I have had many bikes including: 2003 YZ450F, 2001 YZ426F, 1997 XR400, 1997 XR200, 1996 XR200, 1997 RT100, and 1986 BW80. I mainly ride motocross at local tracks, and I occasionally ride in the woods! My favorite track in the Houston area is Splendora (San Jacinto Cycle Park). Some of my other hobbies (other than riding dirtbikes) include: working on bikes, building computers, making web pages, and listening to music.

I have worked on a few bikes in the 7yrs I have been into MX! I have changed top ends, adjusted valves, split cases, installed new cam chain/cam sprockets, replaced bent shift forks and stripped shift shafts, replaced fork seals, rebuilt forks and shocks, revalved suspension, and other "normal" maintainence an MX enthusiast would do.

I also enjoy computers. I have built around 30 computers and have networked a few systems. I have made a few web pages as well. I also like to listen to music. I mostly listen to punk rock, and my favorite band is Pennywise. I also like AFI, Strung Out, NOFX, Big Wig, Less than Jake, No Use for a Name, Bad Religion, Millencolin, Misfits, Deviates, etc.

Are you still reading? If so I think I have bored you enough right? LOL Well here are some pics of me below:

A recent school pic of me

Me when I was a little kid w/my Dog Dakota

Me in the playhouse w/Dakota (who is a Yellow Labrador)

Me next to my 97' XR400

Me and Matt after we went mudding

Me Matt, Corey, and the Bazzy's after a day of riding

My "ole" 97' XR400

A recent pic of my 01' YZ426F

Another recent pic of my bike